Best Beers Of Australia

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Australia as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Boatrocker Ramjet Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 4.1263Stout - Imperial
2Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2015 4.0621Stout - Imperial
3Kaiju! Where Strides the Behemoth 3.9953IPA - Black/Brown/Cascadian Dark
4Mornington Peninsula Russian Imperial Stout 3.9772Stout - Imperial
5Modus Operandi Former Tenant 3.9183IPA - Red
6Currumbin Valley Grape Bubblegum Sour 3.9012Berliner Weisse - Flavored
7Nail Clout Stout 3.9041Stout - Imperial
8Dainton Blood Orange New England Rye IPA 3.9026IPA - Rye
9Feral Tusk 3.8925IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
10Nomad Supersonic DIPA Rainforest Lime Edition 3.8815IPA - Flavored
11Murray's Wild Thing Imperial Stout 3.88139Stout - Imperial
12BentSpoke Cluster 8 Imperial IPA 3.8524IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
13Stockade The Mountie Maple Imperial Stout 3.8433Stout - Imperial Flavored
14Pirate Life Vanilla Malt Thickshake 3.8411IPA - Milkshake
15Stockade Double NEIPA Berries & Cream 3.8411IPA - Milkshake
16Wildflower Gold 3.8340Sour / Wild Beer
17Wig & Pen Russian Imperial Stout 3.8319Stout - Imperial
18Mountain Goat Barrel Breed Imperial Stout 3.8316Stout - Imperial
19Kaiju! Aftermath  3.8278IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
20Pirate Life IIPA 3.82168IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
21Six String Triple Dark Red IPA 3.817Red Ale - Imperial
22Redoak Baltic Porter 3.8049Porter - Baltic
23Hop Nation The Kalash 3.7916Stout - Imperial
24La Sirène Saison 3.7981Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette
25Nail Clayden Brew Imperial Porter 3.7838Porter - Imperial
26Hargreaves Hill Russian Imperial Stout 3.7830Stout - Imperial
27Green Beacon Uppercut Round 5 3.7710IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
28Hop Nation The Dawn  3.7721IIPA - Imperial Hazy / NEIPA
29Boatrocker Roger Ramjet 3.7716Stout - Imperial
30Modus Operandi Future Factory IIPA 3.7730IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
31Riverside 777 Imperial IPA (2014-) 3.7739IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
32Akasha Korben D. IIPA 3.7622IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
33Redoak Special Reserve 3.7613BarleyWine / WheatWine / RyeWine
34Feral War Hog 3.7670IPA
35Modus Operandi Zoo Feeder 3.7625IPA
36Little Creatures Return of The Dread 3.7562Stout - Extra / Foreign
37Hawkers IIPA  3.7519IIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
38Wildflower Amber 3.7524Sour / Wild Beer
39Murray's Wild Thing Chocolate 3.7514Stout - Imperial
40Mountain Goat Before the Dawn 3.7434IPA - Black/Brown/Cascadian Dark
41Big Shed Golden Stout Time  3.7438Stout - Milk / Sweet
42Modus Operandi Cascadian Howl 3.7411IPA - Black/Brown/Cascadian Dark
43Stone & Wood Killer Kween 3.7411Berliner Weisse - Flavored
44Sauce Trubble & Squeak Mango Double NEIPA 3.7414IIPA - Imperial Hazy / NEIPA
45Moon Dog / Kissmeyer Nordic Saddle Buffer Barrelly Wine 3.7435BarleyWine / WheatWine / RyeWine
46Feral Barrique O'Karma 3.7441IPA - Black/Brown/Cascadian Dark
47Stockade Old Money 3.7311Stout - Imperial
48La Sirène Belgian Praline 3.7373Stout - Flavored
49BentSpoke Sprocket 3.7225IPA
50Two Birds Double Sunset Ale 3.7213Red Ale - Imperial