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Beach Chalet V.F.W. Light 3.4  
Beach Chalet Brewery San Francisco, California
Keg at Beach Chalet Brewery, San Francisco, CA on 24/08/2008. Started with this beer, and rather liked it. Probably was a good one to begin on. Fairly subtle, and quite malty, with a slight perfumed hop nose.

Church Hanbrewery Salted Caramel Milk Stout 3.6  
Church Hanbrewery New Yatt, Oxfordshire
Draught at The Teardrop Barzinho, Oxford. Very dark brown with cream head. There are sweet, milky flavours from the off, rich malts then toffee, caramel notes. Not getting the salted bit, maybe it's just enhancing the other flavours. Full on the palate. Very pleasant.

Hideji Yuzu Ale 3.5  
Hideji Beer Brewery Nobeoka, Japan
Citrusy aroma. Cloudy orange appearance. Light bitter, citrusy flavor. Good and citrusy, lots of yuzu.

Church Hanbrewery Gingerbread Sour 3.5  
Church Hanbrewery New Yatt, Oxfordshire
Draught at The Teardrop Barzinho, Oxford. Clouded amber with white head. The ginger is fairly light and restrained in this, biscuity with a refreshing sourness. Some lactic acid notes, quite buttery in a way. Pleasant interesting beer.

Murphys Irish Stout 3.1  
Heineken Ireland Cork, Ireland
Aroma : Roasted dark malts, subtle notes of chocolate and coffee & a peaty earthiness. Taste : As aroma. Smooth & gently bitter earthy all the way through. It has a little more chocolate than "Guinness Original" whilst being a touch thinner. As with most traditional dry stouts it's straightforward & simple. Decent beer!

Maple MW 3.4  
Cycle Brewing Saint Petersburg, Florida
Bottle from the Tavez. Dark chestnut with a small tan head. Aroma is mapley AF, bourbon, toffee. Flavor is insanely sweet maple-covered brown sugared waffle with bourbon glaze. Full AF, cloying AF, AF AF. Why does a beer need to be this sweet and syrupy? I don't know, but I do know that a beer like this has to come from Florida. This is going too far, guys. It's tasty, but good luck drinking more than 2 ounces of this. Luckily for a ticker, #2ouncesisallyouneed.

Animal Lyrebird 3.2  
XT Brewing Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire
Cask conditioned at The Lamb & Flag, Oxford. Gold with white head. There is a sweet maltiness to this, quite bready then touches of gooseberry, lychee. Fruity throughout. It's okay.

Siren Big Red Machine 3.3  
Siren Craft Brew Finchampstead, Berkshire
Draught at The White Rabbit, Oxford. Clouded chestnut with cream head. Rich, fruity, biscuity beer, malty notes from the start, ovaltine hints with background sweetness. Quite smooth throughout. It's fine.

Siren Pompelmocello 3.4  
Siren Craft Brew Finchampstead, Berkshire
Draught at The White Rabbit, Oxford. Clouded gold with white head. Sweet and sour grapefruit flavours mixed together, sharp and fruity. Quite heavy on the palate, sweaty citrus notes. Lightens towards the end. It's fine.

Ishikawa Tokyo Blues Session Ale 2.0  
Ishikawa Brewery Tokyo, Japan
Not much aroma at all. Bitter taste with no sweetness to balance it out. Weak bodied. Grainy, but also bready? Another failed session IPA, it‘s right out unpleasant.

Loddon Rye Sharona 3.3  
Loddon Brewery Dunsden, Oxfordshire
Draught at The White Rabbit, Oxford. Clouded reddish brown with cream head. Cereal, bready flavours from the off, grainy, quite earthy mostly, but also some berried fruitiness. Easy on the palate. It's fine.

Beatnikz Republic Seriously Mixed Up Sour 2.9  
Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. Manchester, Greater Manchester
Draught at The Grapes, Oxford. Clouded red amber with off white head. Girded my loins for a bashing of sourness but it turned out to be quite subdued on that front, some earthy fruitiness, some acidic notes. A fruit bowl of berries perhaps. A bit of a disappointment.

Horus Aged Ales / Three Chiefs Coconut Crown 4.4  
Horus Aged Ales Oceanside, California
22oz (thx, Rudy M.!) at Sales Force. Appearance: almost black, pours like an oil with no head. Aroma: coconut bomb! Taste: super sick coconut bomb. Overall: COCONUT BOMB.

Luna Red Planet 2.8  
White Horse Brewery (Titanic) Faringdon, Oxfordshire
Cask conditioned at The Grapes, Oxford. Hazy red brown with cream head. This proved to be a heavily caramelised beer, dry and quite bitter. Little else emerged through the caramel for me, maybe a little fruitiness perhaps. Not great.

Chadlington Oxford 22 3.1  
Chadlington Brewery Chadlington, Oxfordshire
Cask conditioned at a Wetherspoons. Gold with white head. There is a slightly tart fruitiness to this, orange, tangerine hints along with boiled cereal notes. Fairly basic otherwise. It's okay.

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