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Evil Twin Falco IPA 3.5  
Evil Twin Brewing Brooklyn, New York
Shared 16 oz. can. Pale gold, light haze, white head. Aroma of citrus, floral notes. Taste is citrus, tropical fruits, caramel notes, faint pine. Well-balanced. Clean finish. wombat23

Steel & Oak / Dageraad The Suburbs IPA 3.8  
Steel & Oak Brewing New Westminster, British Columbia
On tap at 12 Kings, pours a clear pale yellow with a small white head. Aroma brings out lots of piney hops upfront, with tropical stone fruits and soft biscuity malt. Flavour is similar, with lots of piney hops upfront, which then transitions to tropical stone fruits (papaya, mango), and dry biscuity malt. Fruity and piney finish, with medium hoppy astringency. Not perfectly brewed but still really nice. One of the better local IPAs for sure. mcberko

Mraz Mango American Sour 4.4  
Mraz Brewing Company El Dorado Hills, California
On tap at Fermentation Lab, SF. Taste mango aroma. Sweet and sour, citrus and mango. Delicious. Flat. kevinsenn

Stone Church Chocolate Salvation 3.2  
Stone Church Brewpub Hernitage, Pennsylvania
On tap at brewpub
Another draft that gets a mixed review, this milk stout manages to slip into the crowd of other similar recipes. It’s biggest flaws might be simply playing things so safe that you almost forget the taste before you’ve set it down.

Aroma / Appearance - A rich black fluid base swirls too lightly around the glass. The scent of creamy chocolate milk pushes it too far towards sweet - even the velvety nature of the nose can’t reign in a feeling of melting McDonald’s milkshake.

Flavor / Palate - Hershey’s kisses, malt balls, and more cheap grocery store candies do little to leave a memorable mark. The dry roasted finish is to be expected but almost as if going through a formality. It’s not so saccharine that it tastes like Quik but neither does it play to anything other than the initial impressions.

Sawdust City Lone Pine IPA 4.2  
Sawdust City Brewing Company Gravenhurst, Ontario
Can dated Jan. 30 2017: Pours hazy dark orange, thick pillowy retentive white head, lots of big sentiment goodies and rings of lacing. Aroma of pine, resinous hops, citrus (orange/grapefruit) bit of tropical fruit (mango/peach). Lots of bitterness with some malt backbone. Full/smooth feel, medium carbonation, and good long bitter dry orange peel finish. Teeters beautifully just on the edge of being a little too much, but has enough body to back it up. Admittedly, I’ve had this many times and never got around to reviewing it, but always enjoy it every time. Tonight it stood up excellently to some hot wings and it’s fruitiness even came out more with dessert. DanDan_

Stone Church Devil’s Deal 3.1  
Stone Church Brewpub Hernitage, Pennsylvania
On tap at brewpub
A mediocre pumpkin seasonal will not be improved with a dash of nutmeg. This good effort falls just short of being worth finishing. Instead it quickly got set aside to move on to the next beer in the flight. Let it be a lesson that you need more than novelty to make a solid product.

Aroma / Appearance - The cloudy body has the hue of buckeyes. Cinnamon and nutmeg dominate the profile. Its thin body might be less pumpkin pie than second runnings of a milkshake.

Flavor / Palate - Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves mask anything else that may be going on underneath. The bite carries to an earthy pumpkin finish at which point the spices finally yield their grip on the palate. If you prefer your seasonals less like a boozy pumpkin pie it might work. Personally I didn’t find it all that appealing after a couple of sips.

Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler 3.2  Can. Pours slightly hazed gold with a white head. Fresh ginger and mild lemonade sweetness, with some mild grainy underpinnings. Very drinkable, and the ginger adds a nice refreshing kick. blipp

Stone Church Heavenly Harvest 3.4  
Stone Church Brewpub Hernitage, Pennsylvania
On tap at brewpub
A much more promising seasonal delivered on its description. A refreshing IPA blends traditional flavors with a timely burst of fresh hops. Maybe Stone Church has certain strengths; this may be one of them.

Aroma / Appearance - A semitransparent rose gold body glimmers under a stiff white head. Warm fall harvest lingers as if forgotten after the first frost. Dried leaves, grass clippings, and orange marmalade manage to be both ephemeral and memorable.

Flavor / Palate - A clean texture of half dried leaves mixes with orange cloves. The citrusy warmth slowly opens up into an oaky finish of young Christmas pines just before the seasonal rush. It might not be an exceptional example of a harvest ale but for an unknown local it demonstrates enough prowess to be practical.

Foley Brothers Prospect 4.4  
Foley Brothers Brewing Brandon, Vermont
473ml can, cloudy honey gold hue, with a fluffy white head, very nice juicy floral citrusy, leafy, grassy, tropical fruit hoppy nose, with a mild candied lemon, grapefruit rind, lemon marmalade, lemon pie crust accent, and a fruity yeasty, doughy, lemon cake dough, subtle lemongrass note in the aroma follows through on a medium-bodied palate, with a warmth very good zesty lemon, grapefruit, green grapefruit rind, juicy flowery citrusy, leafy, piney, resinous, grassy, tropical fruity hoppy character, with some citrus fruity yeasty, doughy, lemon marmalade, lemon pie crust, faint lemongrass, mint leaf flavours, leading towards a warming lemon, grapefruit rind zestiness, fruity doughy yeastiness, lingering citrusy, leafy, tropical, minty hop bitterness finish. rederic

Sante Adairius Four Legs Good 4.0  
Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Capitola, California
Clear, deep golden color with little to no lacing. White grape, pear, lemon, apple, funk, and weather-stained wood. Fruity taste with minimal tartness. Little carb, barely medium bodied, and smooth. Alcohol content is well concealed in the simple, short finish. Ataraxia

Stone Church Salome’s Dance 3.2  
Stone Church Brewpub Hernitage, Pennsylvania
On tap at brewpub
My first sample during a visit to this out of the way brewpub didn’t disappoint. Until a few more breweries open in the area it holds its own as a daily drinker. Otherwise many dunkels fare better as you broaden your horizons to include all of the area between Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Aroma / Appearance - A deep brown base flows like melted chocolate. Semisweet chocolate poured onto homemade loaves of bread temper the air with a mild profile.

Flavor / Palate - Slightly spicy cocoa tickles the tongue. The mouthfeel lacks a full punch; instead its mild body contains a blend of gas station coffee, toasted bread, and chocolate chips. It might be forgettable in the grand scheme of things but for a brewery still tweaking their recipes it could be far worse.

Jolly Pumpkin Gratzer 3.1  
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Dexter, Michigan
Hazy golden orange w white head that disappears. Smoke rolls off the nose and builds in the flavor. Light to moderate lemony tartness and acidity. Weird combo for me. slowrunner77

Eel River Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout 3.3  
Eel River Brewing Company Fortuna, California
Pours a nice black with a good amount of brown head. Nose is chocolate and just a hint of chocolate. Typical weak malt. Taste is chocolate, coffee, raisin, molasses and just a bit of bitterness. Medium bodied and surprisingly bubbly. There isn’t anything wrong with this but there isn’t anything special either. sebastokrator

Stone Ripper 4.3  
Stone Brewing Escondido, California
Slightly hazy deep golden under a fluffy off white cap. Brisk leafy floral hop nose with a touch of gentle papaya. Smooth crisp caramalty bready undertone with a bright tropical floral piney hop flavor that features a little tangelo and pineapple. Really lovely and crisp and flavorful. onceblind

Upland Two Of Tarts 4.1  
Upland Brewing Company Bloomington, Indiana
On tap on Louisville (KY)
A world class effort from Upland leapt off the page at Hopcat. Rather than your typical lemony gose this one adds a bit of tropical zest that brings the Bahamas to the Midwest. If there’s one style I can rely on Upland to nail it is this one.

Aroma / Appearance - A cloudy golden base rests with a supple mellow texture. Pineapples, mango, and dry tropical breezes blossom in the air like the smell of a warm Caribbean beach.

Flavor / Palate - Pineapple, mango, and a splash of lemon immediately hit the senses. This tastes like one of those drinks you may find at a beach resort. The airy feel melts on the tongue like ice chips before revealing the finish of Smartie dust. There are some ways it might be improved but given the circumstances this was as perfect as they come.


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