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Jun 2010 CanIHave4Beers For a mere local growler Keith very generously not only sent me the Anchor OSAs I was looking for (99-04) but he threw in a 1997 as well. But it didn’t end there. Bonuses of Weizen Bam, 1995 Old Crustacean, Green Flash Hop Head Red, & The first batch of Saison Athene. I hope I didn’t forget anything, but holy cow what a box! Thanks Keith!
Jun 2010 CanIHave4Beers So back in December I was looking for a few vintages of Anchor Christmas Ale. KP wrote me at the time and wanted a growler of High Gravity beer from an Iowa brewery. I sadly had to decline as in those dark days there was no such thing as a high gravity beer from Iowa. Flash forward a few months to when the Iowa laws changed and I sort of unexpectedly got a growler of a local barleywine so I sent i
Apr 2010 smith4498 Kp hooked me up with a couple of brews from Sweetwater - Donkey Punch and BSP Quad. He shipped it out very quickly. Good communication and a good trader.
Apr 2010 Rosebud butternuts Kp hooked me up just like he does everyone else. thanks for the smooth and flawless trade!! packaged great and everything else.
Jan 2010 daknole KP is the man. He always comes through. THanks for yet another great trade my friend. CHEERS!!
Dec 2009 alexsdad06 We set up a dollar for dollar trade with one extra each. Keith sent an Olde Rabbit’s Foot, Red Brick 15th Anniversary, LA Red Poppy 09, LA Cuvee de Tomme 09, Port Older Viscosity, and a Terrapin Hopsecutioner. Once we agreed on everything the trade finished up quickly. Thanks kp for another great trade!
Dec 2009 zathrus13 Keith sent me an Olde Rabbit’s Foot as we agreed, in this no extras trade. No problems, I hope we can trade again.
Sep 2009 daknole As always, trading with Keith is smooth and effortless. He sent an 08 sinners my way. Thanks for another quick and easy trade KP. Cheers!
Jul 2009 CheesedMan KP hooked me up with some Amazing Grace and Older Viscosity, along with some sweet bonuses from Tyrenena. Packed perfectly. Now come and drink with us again!!!
Jun 2009 MrBunn Yee ha! Keith and I helped each other out in the Imperial Stout category and I can’t wait to try the Sexual Chocolate! The Gamma Ray looks good too. Thanks!

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