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A leaderboard of top points winners at RateBeer. Points are awarded for each user award.

name point total country
1Travlr128United States                   United States
2cgarvieuk72Scotland                        Scotland
3Cunningham72Norway                          Norway
4brokensail72United States                   United States
5Leighton72England                         England
6Rasmus4064Denmark                         Denmark
7Scopey64Scotland                        Scotland
8gnoff64Sweden                          Sweden
9Theydon_Bois64England                         England
10Oakes64Canada                          Canada
11Cletus64United States                   United States
12chrisv1064Denmark                         Denmark
13yngwie64Norway                          Norway
14saxo56Denmark                         Denmark
15Erzengel56Germany                         Germany
16fiulijn56Canada                          Canada
17BeerandBlues256United States                   United States
18anders3756Sweden                          Sweden
19fonefan56Denmark                         Denmark
20omhper56Sweden                          Sweden
21GT56United States                   United States
22TBone56Finland                         Finland
23gunnar56Norway                          Norway
24Papsoe56Denmark                         Denmark
25rosenbergh56Finland                         Finland
26Ungstrup56Denmark                         Denmark
27HenrikSoegaard56Denmark                         Denmark
28joergen56Denmark                         Denmark
29Meilby48Norway                          Norway
30yespr48Denmark                         Denmark
31shrubber8548United States                   United States
32Benzai48Netherlands                     Netherlands
33madbeer10148Denmark                         Denmark
34Sigmund48Norway                          Norway
35hopscotch48United States                   United States
36Ferris48Canada                          Canada
37vipinvelp48Netherlands                     Netherlands
38Camons48Denmark                         Denmark
39bytemesis48United States                   United States
40Grumbo48England                         England
41gunnfryd48Norway                          Norway
42kermis48Netherlands                     Netherlands
43DSG48Israel                          Israel
44madmitch7648England                         England
45abemorsten40Norway                          Norway
46chriso40England                         England
47Hansen40Denmark                         Denmark
48olliejobbins40England                         England
49Beerhunter11140Germany                         Germany
50MarkoNm40Slovenia                        Slovenia