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January 2017 Ratings

UserPic for john44 john44 725
UserPic for fonefan fonefan 469
UserPic for madmitch76 madmitch76 445
UserPic for Korcz Korcz 428
UserPic for anders37 anders37 348
UserPic for Ungstrup Ungstrup 333
UserPic for jmgreenuk jmgreenuk 238
UserPic for Drake Drake 230
UserPic for FatPhil FatPhil 202
UserPic for kramer kramer 200

New Users

UserPic for 2Much 2Much Riga, Latvia
UserPic for Rismouz Rismouz France
UserPic for thorondor601 thorondor601 France
UserPic for jferraraiii jferraraiii Orange Park, Florida
UserPic for austinsharp austinsharp Berkeley, California
UserPic for Akumlgx Akumlgx México, Mexico
UserPic for greenglowdock01 greenglowdock01 Tampa Bay, Florida
UserPic for Ansares Ansares Spain
UserPic for drroberts drroberts Michigan
UserPic for eidermann eidermann Estonia

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