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October 2017 Ratings

UserPic for Piepenhenrich Piepenhenrich 587
UserPic for BVery BVery 520
UserPic for fonefan fonefan 519
UserPic for Koelschtrinker Koelschtrinker 510
UserPic for MrTipple MrTipple 461
UserPic for gyllenbock gyllenbock 385
UserPic for Oakes Oakes 348
UserPic for cgarvieuk cgarvieuk 335
UserPic for Grumbo Grumbo 314
UserPic for madmitch76 madmitch76 282

New Users

UserPic for Cateran Cateran Scotland
UserPic for drunkenhedge7 drunkenhedge7 Otley, West Yorkshire
UserPic for WouterKorrel WouterKorrel Netherlands
UserPic for BarrelReports7 BarrelReports7 Belleville, Alabama
UserPic for SirLeopold SirLeopold Alguazas, Spain
UserPic for emsworth_brewery emsworth_brewery EMSWORTH, Bedfordshire
UserPic for lbaior lbaior Janesville, Wisconsin
UserPic for hartley42 hartley42 SEATON SLUICE, Northumberland
UserPic for MashRates2 MashRates2 Grimsby, Bedfordshire
UserPic for jagabond jagabond Dublin, Ireland

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