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December 2019 Ratings

UserPic for tomamisz tomamisz 318
UserPic for ElDesmadre ElDesmadre 316
UserPic for rhoihessegold rhoihessegold 165
UserPic for willisread willisread 153
UserPic for sjogro sjogro 126
UserPic for Nisse666 Nisse666 118
UserPic for solidfunk solidfunk 115
UserPic for piwnanuta piwnanuta 115
UserPic for JaBier JaBier 112
UserPic for Beese Beese 110

New Users

UserPic for VantageMapping VantageMapping riyadh, Saudi Arabia
UserPic for PilsnerScout52 PilsnerScout52 Ørbæk, Denmark
UserPic for barboss0 barboss0 Ukraine
UserPic for ResinousLegion57 ResinousLegion57 Malta
UserPic for KegLiquids67 KegLiquids67 Pflugerville, Texas
UserPic for hopgodlxb hopgodlxb Luxembourg
UserPic for Waldemar74 Waldemar74 Tarnowo, Poland
UserPic for Sachinnssharma Sachinnssharma New Delhi, India
UserPic for jacobseiler jacobseiler Brazil
UserPic for weighbridge weighbridge delhi, India

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