Epic Big Bad Baptist - California Edition 13.510/5/2018Rate 3.483
Telegraph / Epic Brewing Big Bad Baer 133/8/2019Rate 3.625
Telegraph / King Harbor South Central 5.65/6/2015Rate 3.093
Telegraph 1927 4.911/5/2013Rate 2.923
Telegraph Abbey Ale 8.212/22/2013Rate 2.743
Telegraph Abbey Ale - Coffee 8.212/12/2013Rate 2.872
Telegraph Abbey Ale (Red Wine) 8.23/19/2016Rate 3.061
Telegraph American IPA 6.612/4/2014Rate 3.395221
Telegraph Barrel Aged Rhinoceros 108/24/2012Rate 3.535310
Telegraph Belgian IPA 6.61/24/2015Rate 2.962
Telegraph Blood Orange White Ale 4.511/19/2016Rate 3.13
Telegraph Bourbon Barrel Aged Aurantium Stout 6.512/22/2013Rate 2.841
Telegraph Bourbon Barrel Porter (alias) -6/14/2008
Telegraph Brut IPA 5.59/19/2018Rate 3.182
Telegraph Buellton Silent Partner 7.55/27/2014Rate 3.456745
Telegraph California Ale 6.21/23/2006Rate 3.4695138
Telegraph Central Coast Ghost IPA 9.49/27/2021Rate 3.091
Telegraph Cerveza de Fiesta Pilsner 5.07/12/2010Rate 3.117924
Telegraph Cipher Key Session Ale 4.012/12/2013Rate 3.085
Telegraph Collective Madness 2016 5.010/14/2016Rate 3.111
Telegraph Crazy Wisdom 7.56/3/2017Rate 3.041
Telegraph Dry Hopped XX -8/15/2010Rate 2.831
Telegraph Easy Grinder Coffee Stout 6.66/30/2016Rate 3.091
Telegraph English-style Brown Ale -3/20/2010Rate 37
Telegraph Fiesta Pilsner (alias) 5.011/19/2016
Telegraph Flotsam Lager 6.07/4/2014Rate 2.933
Telegraph Golden Wheat Ale 5.012/23/2006Rate 3.218154
Telegraph Goodland Orange Pale Ale 4.510/10/2015Rate 3.17419
Telegraph Great Circle IPA 6.25/6/2015Rate 3.193
Telegraph Gypsy Ale 8.09/24/2010Rate 3.66553
Telegraph Handle Bar Abbey 7.27/2/2014Rate 3.347812
Telegraph IPA 6.611/19/2016Rate 3.373
Telegraph Los Padres Ale 7.03/18/2012Rate 3.233422
Telegraph Los Padres Ale - Oak Aged 7.010/7/2014Rate 0
Telegraph Meridian Brett Saison 8.110/9/2014Rate 0
Telegraph Oatmeal Stout 6.59/30/2008Rate 3.275618
Telegraph Obscura Alba 5.34/18/2019Rate 3.264
Telegraph Obscura Amber 7.01/24/2011Rate 3.075
Telegraph Obscura Arborea 9.05/4/2011Rate 3.364046
Telegraph Obscura Aurantium 108/28/2013Rate 2.864
Telegraph Obscura Blonde 6.01/24/2011Rate 2.861
Telegraph Obscura Cacao 7.32/20/2012Rate 3.074920
Telegraph Obscura Estancia 6.56/14/2015Rate 3.192
Telegraph Obscura Fortis 9.012/31/2011Rate 2.945
Telegraph Obscura Nine 7.311/18/2014Rate 2.871
Telegraph Obscura Peche 5.64/27/2014Rate 3.51499
Telegraph Obscura Vieja 7.011/13/2011Rate 3.313011
Telegraph Obscura Vulpine 5.59/9/2011Rate 3.383926
Telegraph Old Fashioned Saison 7.711/7/2014Rate 3.033
Telegraph Pacific Gose 4.39/2/2015Rate 2.981
Telegraph Pacific Standard Time 6.07/4/2014Rate 2.92
Telegraph Pacific Wild Time 6.410/7/2014Rate 0
Telegraph Petit Obscura 4.01/24/2011Rate 3.464248
Telegraph Prime Meridian 7.04/9/2013Rate 3.156213
Telegraph Ravena Stout 6.211/10/2012Rate 3.258
Telegraph Reserve Wheat 5.77/21/2008Rate 3.5989246
Telegraph Reserve Wheat with Apricot 4.39/11/2016Rate 3.193
Telegraph Reserve Wheat With Berries 5.010/7/2014Rate 0
Telegraph Reserve Wheat with Hibiscus 4.31/31/2015Rate 3.347
Telegraph Reserve Wheat With Mango 5.03/11/2016Rate 3.021
Telegraph Reserve Wheat With Passionfruit & Guava 5.03/12/2016Rate 3.315
Telegraph Rhinoceros 9.86/18/2009Rate 3.5150109
Telegraph Roble Obscura 10.67/20/2015Rate 3.151
Telegraph Robust Ale 7.54/15/2008Rate 3.366437
Telegraph Rye XPA 4.510/21/2010Rate 3.054512
Telegraph Santa Barbara Mosaic IPA 6.212/30/2018Rate 3.444017
Telegraph Santa Margarita Lime Gose 4.66/28/2016Rate 2.964
Telegraph Sanus Spiritibus 1012/12/2013Rate 3.354
Telegraph Slippery Slope -7/16/2011Rate 2.862
Telegraph Stock Porter 5.712/9/2006Rate 3.349123
Telegraph Tart and Juicy 4.510/5/2018Rate 3.021
Telegraph Unblended Barrel Reserve Porter 6.07/24/2007Rate 3.17
Telegraph Variable Frequency No. 1 6.24/24/2017Rate 3.243
Telegraph Variable Frequency No. 4 6.210/5/2018Rate 2.981
Telegraph West Swell Juicy IPA 6.77/4/2018Rate 3.457115
Telegraph Wet Hop Rye (alias) -10/21/2010
Telegraph What Hath God Wrought 8.33/31/2016Rate 3.375
Telegraph White Ale 4.55/10/2008Rate 3.369385
Telegraph White Ale aged with Farmers Market Cherries 5.06/14/2008Rate 3.071
Telegraph Winter Ale 6.512/23/2006Rate 3.419297

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