Shmaltz Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
6 Fairchild Square, Clifton Park, New York, USA 12065
Associated place: Shmaltz Brewing - 518 Craft
Contract brewed by Olde Saratoga until 2013. Brewery opened in July 2013
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Alphabet City E'ville Brown Ale 5.42/26/2015Rate 0
Alphabet City Easy Blonde 4.74/22/2012Rate 2.94029
Clown Shoes Third Party Candidate 7.06/30/2016Rate 3.379546
Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles
Brewed by/for Federation of Beer
5.02/20/2017Rate 0
Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: Voyage To The NE Quadrant
Brewed by/for Federation of Beer
5.02/20/2017Rate 0
Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter
Brewed by/for Federation of Beer
7.32/20/2017Rate 3.12538
Star Trek Mirror Universe Terrans Unite!
Brewed by/for Federation of Beer
5.03/28/2018Rate 3.277
Star Trek Vulcan Ale - The Genesis Effect
Brewed by/for Federation of Beer
5.42/20/2017Rate 0
Foreign Objects / Crime and Punishment Color of Pomegranates 8.07/12/2018Rate 3.252
Foreign Objects Chaos Therapy 5.04/22/2018Rate 3.453919
Foreign Objects Chrysalis into Beauty 9.08/5/2018Rate 3.312113
Foreign Objects Death Posture 8.14/23/2018Rate 3.454221
Foreign Objects Die Deutscher Haltung 4.87/11/2018Rate 3.06589
Foreign Objects Die Herz Maschine 5.27/11/2018Rate 2.976712
Foreign Objects Dreamtime Haruspex 8.05/6/2018Rate 3.573935
Foreign Objects Fascination Street 7.53/19/2018Rate 3.769524
Foreign Objects From Stardust to Thoughtform 6.710/12/2018Rate 3.484315
Foreign Objects Glass Candle Grenades 7.18/8/2018Rate 3.586822
Foreign Objects Green Galaxy 5.511/12/2017Rate 3.69727
Foreign Objects In the Gold Dust Rush 6.711/12/2017Rate 3.628024
Foreign Objects Mercury Rising 6.86/13/2018Rate 3.24349
Foreign Objects Mind Body Light Sound 8.02/11/2018Rate 3.514920
Foreign Objects Mystic Flower of Perpetual Slumbers 8.29/26/2018Rate 3.644617
Foreign Objects Pig Factory 8.412/13/2017Rate 3.534912
Foreign Objects Precision Neurosis 8.09/7/2018Rate 3.627817
Foreign Objects Ritual Colors 8.06/2/2018Rate 3.634934
Foreign Objects Saturn in Scorpio 7.512/4/2018Rate 3.556018
Foreign Objects Sol in Gemini 7.512/9/2018Rate 3.484613
Foreign Objects Solarys 6.812/13/2017Rate 3.555929
Foreign Objects The Hanging Garden 7.07/11/2018Rate 3.576719
Foreign Objects Venus Rising 6.86/17/2018Rate 3.02119
Foreign Objects Wet Gravity 7.012/13/2017Rate 3.779738
Foreign Objects What We All Want 6.12/2/2018Rate 3.589123
Foreign Objects Willful Delusion of False Perceptions 6.53/16/2018Rate 3.66817
He'Brew / Cathedral Square Immaculate Collaboration II: St. Lenny's 109/19/2013Rate 3.582121
He'Brew / Cathedral Square Immaculate Collaboration III: Saint Jewbelation 9.03/31/2015Rate 3.223
He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A. 106/20/2006Rate 3.72971149
He'Brew Chanukah in Kentucky 8.011/16/2015Rate 3.44424
He'Brew Chanukah, Hanukkah: Pass the Beer (2016-2017) 8.012/6/2016Rate 3.489923
He'Brew Chanukah, Hanukkah: Pass the Beer (2018) 8.01/15/2019Rate 3.44
He'Brew Chanukah, Hanukkah: Pass the Beer (2019-2020) 8.05/6/2020Rate 3.423
He'Brew Death of a Contract Brewer (alias) 7.07/8/2013
He'Brew Funky Jewbelation 2014 9.43/15/2014Rate 3.819782
He'Brew Funky Jewbelation 2015 9.43/4/2015Rate 3.638576
He'brew Funky Jewbelation 2016 9.41/2/2016Rate 3.668542
He'Brew Funky Jewbelation 2017 9.41/25/2017Rate 3.89611
He'Brew Genesis Dry Hopped Session Ale 5.61/20/2012Rate 3.2245330
He'Brew Hanukkah Beer 2020 Golden Jelly Donut Ale 8.012/3/2020Rate 2.794
He'Brew Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass the Beer (2014-2015) 8.011/10/2014Rate 3.3236120
He'Brew Hop Manna IPA 6.812/26/2011Rate 3.5890498
He'Brew Jewbelation 20th Anniversary Ale 16.812/4/2016Rate 3.587727
He'Brew Jewbelation 22 113/7/2019Rate 3.455
He'Brew Jewbelation Eighteen 12.410/19/2014Rate 3.89457
He'Brew Jewbelation Nineteen 11.912/12/2015Rate 3.526456
He'Brew Jewbelation Reborn (Seventeen) 1710/29/2013Rate 3.679165
He'Brew King Kirby (alias) 5.38/29/2015
He'Brew Mazel Hops 8.97/11/2014Rate 3.342014
He'Brew Messiah 5.28/8/2003Rate 3.1851743
He'Brew Origin 8.03/10/2007Rate 3.1715463
He'Brew Pastrami Pils 5.51/8/2017Rate 2.833114
He'Brew R.I.P.A on Rye 1010/3/2007Rate 3.7498306
He'Brew Rejewvenator 2014 8.03/15/2014Rate 3.428947
He'Brew Reunion - A Beer For Hope 2013 (Shmaltz Brewing) 8.010/13/2013Rate 3.59679
He'Brew Reunion - A Beer For Hope 2014 (Shmaltz Brewing) 8.08/8/2014Rate 3.499665
He'Brew Reunion - A Beer For Hope 2015 (Shmaltz / Terrapin) 8.09/2/2015Rate 3.328637
He'Brew Reunion - A Beer For Hope 2016 (Shmaltz / Terrapin) 8.08/27/2016Rate 3.368919
He'Brew Reunion - A Beer For Hope 2017 (Shmaltz / Terrapin) 6.112/26/2017Rate 3.345
He'Brew Slingshot American Craft Lager 5.36/7/2013Rate 3.2997140
He'Brew Wishbone Session Double IPA 8.04/26/2015Rate 3.43585
Shmaltz / Redstone Mango Shot -9/1/2014Rate 2.791
Shmaltz 2017 She'Brew Double IPA 9.09/9/2017Rate 3.423
Shmaltz 518 Eagle Lager 5.183/22/2015Rate 0
Shmaltz 518 Foggy Goggles 5.188/2/2018Rate 3.041
Shmaltz 518 Pick Me Up 5.23/14/2017Rate 3.021
Shmaltz 518 Wit 5.188/28/2015Rate 0
Shmaltz 838 10 Digit Double IPA 8.43/14/2017Rate 3.122
Shmaltz 838 Plump Monk 8.383/4/2018Rate 3.061
Shmaltz Bock Bock 9.25/21/2015Rate 3.468470
Shmaltz Brewer's Wanted Pale Ale 5.53/12/2016Rate 3.25499
Shmaltz Circum Session Ale 5.54/1/2016Rate 3.077
Shmaltz Death Hoppy Black Ale 7.012/30/2016Rate 3.6489268
Shmaltz Exodus 2021 8.811/14/2021Rate 3.316
Shmaltz Geektoberfest (2017 +) 7.111/18/2017Rate 2.832
Shmaltz Genesis 20:20 Port Wine 17.54/1/2016Rate 3.637714
Shmaltz He'Brew R.I.P.A on Rye 2016 Edition Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels 107/6/2017Rate 3.493
Shmaltz Hop Mania 7.82/13/2016Rate 3.368
Shmaltz Hop Momma IPA 5.82/13/2016Rate 3.283520
Shmaltz Hop Orgy 6.01/25/2017Rate 3.22327
Shmaltz Jewbelation 21 12.12/8/2018Rate 3.55910
Shmaltz Kentucky Fun 8.011/14/2021Rate 3.041
Shmaltz Klingon Imperial Porter (alias) 7.31/25/2017
Shmaltz Manna on Rye 6.84/3/2016Rate 2.982
Shmaltz Messiah 5.29/1/2019Rate 31
Shmaltz No Shtick 8.011/16/2019Rate 0
Shmaltz She’brew #RBG IPA 6.012/30/2020Rate 3.317
Shmaltz She'Brew Double IPA 9.012/27/2017Rate 31
Shmaltz She'brew Triple IPA 113/26/2015Rate 3.514745
Shmaltz Star Trek Deep Space Nine Profit Motive 5.07/25/2019Rate 2.981
Shmaltz Star Trek The Next Generation Captain's Holiday 30th Anniversary Ale 5.512/12/2017Rate 3.24321
Shmaltz Star Trek The Next Generation Symbiosis 30th Anniversary Ale 5.57/18/2017Rate 3.123419
Shoebelation 116/22/2017Rate 3.567
Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles 5.07/29/2016Rate 3.035121
Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: Voyage To The Northeast Quadrant 5.012/10/2016Rate 0
Star Trek Vulcan Ale - The Genesis Effect 5.410/13/2015Rate 3.274456
Statewide Pale Ale 4.77/15/2015Rate 3.133
He'Brew Funky Jewbelation 2012 9.83/27/2012Rate 3.5978176
He'Brew Funky Jewbelation 2013 9.43/12/2013Rate 3.6384111
He'Brew Genesis 10:10 106/2/2006Rate 3.3741273
He'Brew Genesis 15:15 13.49/28/2011Rate 3.8696158
He'Brew Genesis Ale 6.012/22/2000Rate 2.9639568
He'Brew Hop Manna Test Batch #1 6.87/5/2011Rate 31
He'Brew Hop Manna Test Batch #2 6.89/9/2011Rate 3.436350
He'Brew Hop Manna Test Batch #3 6.811/16/2011Rate 3.163315
He'Brew Hop Manna Test Batch #4 (alias) 6.812/26/2011
He'Brew Jewbelation 5766 Ninth Anniversary Ale 9.010/2/2005Rate 3.5876239
He'Brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah on Rye 1311/5/2010Rate 3.254
He'Brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah Thirteenth Anniversary Ale 139/25/2009Rate 3.7594293
He'Brew Jewbelation Eleven 1110/12/2007Rate 3.7794355
He'Brew Jewbelation Eleven on Rye 111/17/2008Rate 3.444212
He'Brew Jewbelation Fifteen 1510/14/2011Rate 3.7694213
He'Brew Jewbelation Fifteen - Barrel Aged 15.512/9/2012Rate 3.327
He'Brew Jewbelation Fourteen 1410/19/2010Rate 3.7794199
He'Brew Jewbelation Sweet Sixteen 1610/18/2012Rate 3.5977311
He'Brew Jewbelation Twelve 1210/18/2008Rate 3.6788306
He'Brew Messiah - Barrel Aged (Bold on Rye) 5.58/28/2008Rate 3.419036
He'Brew Messiah - Bourbon & Wild Yeast 6.09/30/2009Rate 3.117
He'Brew Messiah Stout 5.48/9/2001Rate 3.062754
He'Brew Miraculous Jewbelation Eighth Anniversary Ale 8.010/18/2004Rate 3.4651200
He'Brew Monumental Jewbelation Tenth Anniversary Ale 1010/18/2006Rate 3.6889288
He'Brew Origin - Barrel Aged 8.010/16/2009Rate 3.19919
He'Brew Quinceanera 1510/18/2012Rate 3.229
He'Brew Rejewvenator 2008 7.84/9/2008Rate 3.446240
He'Brew Rejewvenator 2009 7.86/6/2009Rate 3.5189166
He'Brew Rejewvenator 2010 8.25/1/2010Rate 3.3188152
He'Brew Rejewvenator 2013 8.04/13/2013Rate 3.5195121
He'Brew Shamash -12/30/2011 U  0
He'Brew Tequila Jewbelation Fifteen (alias) 1512/9/2012
He'Brew Vertical Jewbelation 10.511/1/2010Rate 3.8898221
Reunion - A Beer For Hope 2011 (Shmaltz Brewing) 7.37/29/2011Rate 3.5699148
Reunion - A Beer For Hope 2012 (Shmaltz Brewing) 8.08/12/2012Rate 3.5699141
Shmaltz / Redstone MEADUSA 8.02/19/2011Rate 3.287217
Shmaltz The Chosen Spot (alias) 5.012/28/2009
War Flag Grandmaster IPA 6.94/20/2016Rate 3.167

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