European Local Swap 3/2017 - Pairings & Hauls

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beers 1955 º places 15 º 09:16 Thu 10/12/2017

Originally posted by japppp
Picked up bomb proof package from Jashiu and what an AWESOME haul it was!

Total of 22 beers, cookies, chocolate, Deer Bear glass, coasters/stickers and letter with details on beers.

That's not only a huge haul, but there's some seriously tasty stuff in there! Awesome indeed!

beers 3114 º places 33 º 14:25 Thu 10/12/2017

I confirm a correct arrival.

beers 7044 º places 577 º 14:57 Thu 10/12/2017

I received the following awesome array from Monster Magnate/David: (2 ratings) (Weizen Bock, 0 ratings so far) (Altbier, Top 50) (Low Alc, Top 50) (Top 50) (Black IPA) (Belgian Strong Ale) (Brown, Top 50) (Doppelbock, Top 50) (Style tick: Gotlandsricke, Top 50 ~2) (Imp IPA) (Top 50)

David also noticed that I had three Dutch 'Protz 300' wants so was kind enough to track them down: (Pilsener, Top 50) (Czech Pilsner) (Dortmunder)

As well as this he included three of his 'Monster Brews' creations: Kukusho (Imperial Stout with rye); Clay Golem (Blueberry Edition) (Baltic Porter); and Electric Ladyland (ESB).

Overall I am super pleased! 7 Top 50s, a style tick and some styles I've only had one or two of. Also liquorice and biscuits (the wife was jealous that I got so much so she can have some of the latter... or start drinking beer!).


beers 662 º places 2 º 02:08 Fri 10/13/2017

Thanks Geiserich! You popped my cherry. Those are going to be my first Austrian craft beers ever. In fact I already had the first one ;)

beers 6930 º places 333 º 03:47 Fri 10/13/2017

Originally posted by JefVerstraete
I got a very nice box from Spain including some ciders! Thanks Taboada!

- Guineu / La Quince Vanilla Black Velvet 2016
- El Oso y el Cuervo Old Drunk Bear (only 7 ratings!)
- In Peccatum The Hopster Series Juicy Pale Ale
- Montseny Mala Vida
- Montseny Mala Vida Brandy
- Lagar de Ribela Besta (only 6 ratings!)
- Lagar de Ribela Sidra Natural
- Four Lions Black Palermo (only 5 ratings!)
- Jakobsland Na Terra dos Xigantes
- Caleya Goma 2
- L'Anjub Lo Gambus Cherry Love (only 5 ratings!)
- In Peccatum The Sour Side Series: The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud


You are very welcome. Glad to see everything arrived safe. Hope you like it.

beers 20002 º places 429 º 06:15 Fri 10/13/2017

Track and trace says my package is delivered. We'll find out tonight.

beers 14763 º places 365 º 10:23 Fri 10/13/2017

Originally posted by bierkoning
Track and trace says my package is delivered. We'll find out tonight.

Does it say that it's consumed?

beers 20002 º places 429 º 10:42 Fri 10/13/2017

Originally posted by Nisse666
Originally posted by bierkoning
Track and trace says my package is delivered. We'll find out tonight.

Does it say that it's consumed?

Arrived safe And sound. Nothing consumed (yet) but Ill post a nice picture within a day or so of the contents

beers 14147 º places 508 º 12:43 Fri 10/13/2017

Ok, as promised here are the beers I received from Beerhunter111! Many many thanks chap - a good mix of stuff, almost all are new breweries to me.. plus a German cider!

beers 10309 º places 319 º 08:34 Sat 10/14/2017

Got this great box from Nisse666

One country tick too. One beer I've already had but forgot to rate (or my rating got deleted somehow?) which I remeber was very good so glad to be able to have it again and rate it. Thanks a lot!

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