New Glarus / De Proefbrouwerij Abtsolution (alias) 9.06/11/2017
New Glarus / Gotland Bryggery R & D Gotlandic Ale 7.010/13/2018Rate 3.354011
New Glarus 20th Anniversary Strong Ale -5/20/2013Rate 3.6598166
New Glarus 22 Pils -9/4/2022Rate 3.232
New Glarus 25th Anniversary Ale 11.56/23/2018Rate 3.769018
New Glarus 30th Anniversary Quadruple 10.54/13/2023Rate 3.678114
New Glarus Alt -10/20/2008Rate 3.5299147
New Glarus Apple Ale (alias) 3.87/9/2013
New Glarus Back 40 Bock 5.510/15/2010Rate 3.495218
New Glarus Black Top 6.98/3/2011Rate 3.7497322
New Glarus Black Wheat 5.752/2/2005Rate 3.75100392
New Glarus Bourbon Barrel Eisbock 9.58/14/2006Rate 3.243
New Glarus Bubbler 4.06/2/2016Rate 3.6910091
New Glarus Cabin Fever Bock 6.01/6/2010Rate 3.3795257
New Glarus Coffee Stout 4.86/12/2001Rate 3.671551
New Glarus Copper Kettle Weiss 6.011/14/2001Rate 3.5298220
New Glarus Crackd Wheat Ale (alias) 5.92/26/2015
New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat 7.26/21/2007Rate 3.86100562
New Glarus Dans Best Bitter -2/4/2003Rate 3.183
New Glarus Edel-Pils 5.36/12/2001Rate 3.497285
New Glarus Fat Squirrel Nut Brown Ale 5.55/16/2003Rate 3.4694720
New Glarus Gyrator Doppel -9/18/2021Rate 3.629616
New Glarus Hearty Hops Ale (alias) 6.14/19/2001
New Glarus Home Town Blonde 4.84/1/2002Rate 3.4999231
New Glarus Hop Hearty Ale 6.14/19/2001Rate 3.6595579
New Glarus Hop Hearty IPA (alias) 6.110/8/2006
New Glarus Hopster 5.92/4/2009Rate 3.7399390
New Glarus IIPA (alias) 106/9/2012
New Glarus IPA 6.757/9/2023Rate 3.558815
New Glarus Kid Kölsch 5.58/24/2019Rate 3.59932
New Glarus Kuhler 5.56/16/2019Rate 3.526123
New Glarus Laughing Fox 4.58/3/2011Rate 3.62100184
New Glarus Lotta Rapture -12/2/2015Rate 3.091
New Glarus Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale 5.02/25/2010Rate 3.6999641
New Glarus Native Ale 5.010/20/2002Rate 3.1669131
New Glarus Norski -9/27/2002Rate 3.239261
New Glarus Only In Wisconsin 5.02/25/2024Rate 3.061
New Glarus Organic Revolution -10/18/2007Rate 3.0728194
New Glarus Pilsner 5.05/4/2023Rate 3.499814
New Glarus Pumpkin Pie Lust -9/16/2014Rate 3.4996105
New Glarus R & D 2023 5.91/2/2024Rate 3.061
New Glarus R & D Bourbon Barrel Kriek 5.57/28/2010Rate 3.998138
New Glarus R & D Bourbon Barrel Stout - 2020 10.311/14/2021Rate 3.52929
New Glarus R & D Bramble Berry: Bourbon Barrel Aged 7.57/17/2015Rate 3.819593
New Glarus R & D Fruit Melange 6.911/14/2021Rate 3.476
New Glarus R & D Golden Ale (2009) 7.07/17/2009Rate 3.7189299
New Glarus R & D Golden Ale (2015) 6.010/11/2015Rate 3.669940
New Glarus R & D Gueuze 6.27/28/2010Rate 3.7993168
New Glarus R & D Kriek 7.68/14/2018Rate 3.888419
New Glarus R & D Sour Ale 5.48/7/2012Rate 4.0299118
New Glarus R & D Sour Blackberry Ale 6.511/2/2019Rate 3.484
New Glarus R & D Sour Fruit - Champ du Blanc 107/29/2016Rate 3.789639
New Glarus R & D Sour Fruit - Champ Rouge 1011/17/2017Rate 3.657520
New Glarus R & D Sour Fruit - Pommier Sauvage 5.29/9/2016Rate 3.889837
New Glarus R & D Sour Fruit - Wild Blackberry 5.08/9/2013Rate 4.35100120
New Glarus R & D Sour Porter 6.256/10/2017Rate 3.473821
New Glarus R & D Summer Sour 7.06/24/2019Rate 3.43
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2014 6.06/11/2015Rate 3.886678
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2015 5.06/6/2016Rate 3.968236
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2016 5.07/30/2017Rate 3.754319
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2017 5.08/21/2018Rate 3.724014
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2018 6.18/9/2019Rate 3.65879
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2020 5.08/17/2021Rate 3.484
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2021 6.14/14/2023Rate 3.252
New Glarus R & D Vintage 2022 6.24/16/2023Rate 3.372
New Glarus R & D Wild Bitter 104/29/2015Rate 3.565664
New Glarus R & D Wild Peach 7.258/1/2014Rate 4.06100116
New Glarus Raspberry Tart 4.05/16/2001Rate 4.061001298
New Glarus Road Slush 5.62/5/2006Rate 3.6496417
New Glarus Serendipity 5.110/4/2012Rate 4.08100622
New Glarus Snowshoe Ale 5.76/11/2001Rate 3.4296335
New Glarus Solstice Weiss 5.7510/9/2001Rate 3.81100129
New Glarus Spotted Cow 4.94/15/2001Rate 3.11181129
New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest Beer 6.259/28/2001Rate 3.4298452
New Glarus Stone Soup 5.33/9/2007Rate 3.4992440
New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb 4.07/18/2013Rate 3.96100412
New Glarus Symposium Eisbock 1110/11/2002Rate 3.576921
New Glarus Tail Wagger 9.810/4/2005Rate 3.6577184
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Apple Ale 3.86/13/2001Rate 3.76100725
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Barley Wine 121/1/2012Rate 3.6781191
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Berliner Apfel -11/3/2019Rate 3.749724
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Berliner Weiss 3.05/7/2013Rate 3.896304
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Berliner Weiss - 2017 (alias) 3.05/22/2017
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Black Currant 22 -9/7/2022Rate 3.66999
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Blueberry Cocoa Stout 7.211/18/2021Rate 3.474514
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Break O' Day Juicy IPA -4/10/2019Rate 3.02222
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Cherry Stout 6.52/18/2006Rate 3.81100546
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Chocolate Abbey 7.09/19/2011Rate 3.595152
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Chocolate Stout 5.810/30/2018Rate 3.559516
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Cran-bic 2016 Ale (alias) 6.05/2/2016
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Cran-bic Ale 6.010/11/2009Rate 3.8797494
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Cran-bic Ale 2018 (alias) 6.09/23/2018
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Dubbel 7.63/9/2014Rate 3.519597
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Enigma 5.55/2/2010Rate 3.8294445
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Flanders Sour Red Ale 5.02/6/2019Rate 3.759018
New Glarus Thumbprint Series IIPA 9.03/26/2011Rate 3.998242
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Imperial Weizen 9.252/8/2008Rate 3.8599467
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Lots o' Peach 4.07/5/2021Rate 3.748927
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Milk Stout -11/6/2015Rate 3.629850
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Mistral -5/24/2018Rate 3.578
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Mocha Berry Bock 7.012/4/2021Rate 3.559815
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Nectar Ale -3/29/2020Rate 3.594027
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Oud Bruin -7/5/2014Rate 3.5555158
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Oud Bruin 2016 5.62/10/2016Rate 3.839578
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Pear 21 4.08/27/2021Rate 3.669421
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Saison -6/26/2012Rate 3.5990156
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Scream IIPA 9.06/8/2014Rate 3.8799307
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Smoke On The Porter (alias) 6.18/14/2016
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Spiced Ale 8.81/3/2014Rate 3.699109
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Spotted Cow Grand Cru 8.511/3/2016Rate 3.444755
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Strawberry Rhubarb (alias) 4.05/9/2017
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Triple 5 9.02/7/2021Rate 3.699829
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 9.7510/27/2023Rate 3.576
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Weizen Doppelbock -12/5/2022Rate 3.619511
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Wild Sour Ale 5.07/9/2013Rate 3.8898264
New Glarus Thumbprint Series Winter Warmer -1/3/2013Rate 3.4872127
New Glarus Totally Naked Extra Pale Lager 5.010/9/2001Rate 2.9182475
New Glarus Two Women Lager (2010) -4/10/2010Rate 3.69100131
New Glarus Two Women Lager (2011-) 5.04/3/2011Rate 3.3296424
New Glarus Uff-da Bock 7.34/16/2001Rate 3.63100552
New Glarus Unplugged Abt 9.67/28/2010Rate 3.5662269
New Glarus Unplugged Apple Ale (alias) -10/20/2008
New Glarus Unplugged Belgian Quadruple 111/3/2007Rate 3.7490311
New Glarus Unplugged Berliner Weiss 4.16/3/2008Rate 3.6598391
New Glarus Unplugged Bohemian Lager -9/15/2008Rate 3.5499220
New Glarus Unplugged Bourbon Barrel Bock -6/8/2007Rate 3.798333
New Glarus Unplugged Cherry Stout (alias) 6.56/23/2013
New Glarus Unplugged Eisbock 9.512/13/2002Rate 3.7697225
New Glarus Unplugged Enigma 5.5% (2010) (alias) 5.56/23/2013
New Glarus Unplugged Enigma 7.0% (2006) 7.08/20/2005Rate 3.9398437
New Glarus Unplugged Iced Barley Wine 13.52/4/2009Rate 3.6581295
New Glarus Unplugged Imperial IPA 106/3/2005Rate 3.7793192
New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Saison 8.74/3/2009Rate 3.4875271
New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Stout 8.011/24/2003Rate 3.5538171
New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Weizen (alias) 9.69/7/2013
New Glarus Unplugged Old English Porter 5.57/21/2009Rate 3.5453308
New Glarus Unplugged Smoke on the Porter 6.111/9/2007Rate 3.8197393
New Glarus Unplugged Smoked Rye Ale 8.51/17/2011Rate 3.6295172
New Glarus Unplugged Smoked Rye Bock 1210/1/2005Rate 3.5993159
New Glarus Unplugged Sour Brown Ale 6.010/9/2004Rate 3.6678206
New Glarus Unplugged Triple 105/26/2003Rate 3.3567131
New Glarus Unplugged Wisconsin Cran-bic (alias) 6.06/23/2013
New Glarus Very Sour Blackberry (alias) 5.08/12/2013
New Glarus Vintage 21, Batch 106.6.1 (alias) 6.16/5/2023
New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red 4.05/17/2001Rate 4.131001528
New Glarus Yokel 4.22/8/2006Rate 3.2489366
New Glarus Zwickel 5.35/17/2001Rate 3.439788
New Glarus Zwickel Bier (2016) 5.33/21/2016Rate 3.599930

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