Iron Hill Abbey Dubbel 7.34/8/2003Rate 3.48897
Iron Hill Alpha Tripel (alias) -2/8/2011
Iron Hill American Amber Ale (alias) 4.511/30/2007
Iron Hill American IPA 6.53/17/2007Rate 3.538929
Iron Hill Anvil Ale 5.06/2/2000Rate 3.115398
Iron Hill Bad Santa Brown Ale (alias) 6.01/13/2010
Iron Hill Barleywine 106/22/2001Rate 3.678489
Iron Hill Bavarian IPA 6.28/5/2014Rate 3.164
Iron Hill Bedotter 9.01/30/2003Rate 3.4282109
Iron Hill Belgian Black 8.22/8/2011Rate 3.195
Iron Hill Belgian Brown 6.29/17/2004Rate 3.118
Iron Hill Belgian IPA 8.511/30/2007Rate 3.477526
Iron Hill Belgian Tripel (alias) 8.61/12/2013
Iron Hill Belgian White 4.46/22/2001Rate 3.268584
Iron Hill Bitter Blonde 4.08/11/2011Rate 2.962
Iron Hill Blackburn Stout 6.810/29/2012Rate 3.083
Iron Hill Boulder Bank IPA 6.810/2/2014Rate 2.911
Iron Hill Bourbon (Tom) Barleywine 9.47/30/2004Rate 3.789332
Iron Hill Bourbon Dry Stout 3.84/5/2010Rate 2.771
Iron Hill Bourbon FE10 103/20/2010Rate 3.365
Iron Hill Bourbon Porter 5.31/27/2003Rate 3.79969
Iron Hill Coffee Porter 5.41/12/2013Rate 3.175
Iron Hill Czech Dark Lager (Schwarz) 4.45/28/2002Rate 3.349227
Iron Hill Double IPA (alias) 6.82/2/2011
Iron Hill Drop it Like a Hop Brown Ale (alias) 5.411/9/2007
Iron Hill Dunkelweizen 6.35/31/2004Rate 3.39432
Iron Hill Elvis Sideburns (alias) 8.05/9/2011
Iron Hill English IPA (alias) 7.01/31/2010
Iron Hill FE 15 Anniversary Ale 1512/9/2011Rate 2.99613
Iron Hill FE10 Anniversary Ale 1011/8/2006Rate 3.5969103
Iron Hill Goldfinger IPA 6.18/8/2014Rate 3.246
Iron Hill Grand Cru 9.76/2/2006Rate 3.065
Iron Hill Granite Gold 4.06/22/2001Rate 2.126
Iron Hill Grave Digger 7.57/9/2017Rate 3.134
Iron Hill Grodziski 6.23/21/2009Rate 3.628
Iron Hill Happy Little Trees 6.57/9/2017Rate 3.124
Iron Hill Harry the K Hefe 4.87/29/2012Rate 2.972
Iron Hill Helles on Earth 5.010/24/2016Rate 2.981
Iron Hill Hockessin Helles 5.011/12/2011Rate 2.911
Iron Hill Holiday Ale (IPA) 7.012/10/2006Rate 3.334720
Iron Hill Home Run Harper 6.55/3/2019Rate 2.961
Iron Hill Homestead 4.66/19/2022Rate 3.163
Iron Hill Hop Addicted Double IPA 8.44/25/2015Rate 3.131
Iron Hill Hopfenweizen 4.27/29/2009Rate 3.439917
Iron Hill Hoppy Weiss (alias) 4.59/5/2011
Iron Hill Imperial IPA 9.48/28/2003Rate 3.79161
Iron Hill India Pale Ale 5.86/22/2001Rate 3.244132
Iron Hill Irish Dry Stout 3.86/22/2001Rate 3.194342
Iron Hill Irish Red Ale 4.54/9/2004Rate 3.198726
Iron Hill Ironbound Ale 4.76/22/2001Rate 3.4788157
Iron Hill King Kong 2X IPA 9.15/2/2012Rate 2.91
Iron Hill Leroy Brown 7.66/4/2012Rate 2.71
Iron Hill Light Lager 4.010/12/2003Rate 2.4380108
Iron Hill Lodestone Lager (alias) 5.06/22/2001
Iron Hill Love Potion #9 5.83/16/2014Rate 0
Iron Hill Maibock 6.56/2/2000Rate 3.17148
Iron Hill Milk Stout 4.912/15/2005Rate 3.126
Iron Hill Mr. Roboto 6.97/27/2011Rate 3.094
Iron Hill Munich Dunkel 5.06/22/2001Rate 3.449834
Iron Hill Munich Helles 5.012/6/2001Rate 2.936179
Iron Hill Newark Ferrous - FE20 Anniversary Ale 7.06/16/2017Rate 3.212
Iron Hill Newark Nectar 4.87/29/2012Rate 2.811
Iron Hill Nut Brown Ale 5.66/22/2001Rate 3.288518
Iron Hill Old Ale 7.22/13/2004Rate 3.6287106
Iron Hill Ore House Amber 4.511/30/2007Rate 2.96
Iron Hill Pale Rider 4.63/16/2014Rate 2.941
Iron Hill Pig Iron Porter 5.46/20/2001Rate 3.5594211
Iron Hill Poor Richards Ale 9.01/9/2006Rate 2.921
Iron Hill Pumpkin Ale 5.511/17/2002Rate 3.379360
Iron Hill Pumpkin Weiss 5.79/16/2014Rate 3.033
Iron Hill Raspberry Wheat 4.06/22/2001Rate 2.8253126
Iron Hill Red Dawn 7.27/26/2011Rate 3.032
Iron Hill Ring of Fire Porter 5.05/13/2008Rate 3.347144
Iron Hill Rooney's Red Card 6.58/5/2014Rate 2.953
Iron Hill Rye Halladay 6.47/29/2012Rate 2.811
Iron Hill Saison Speciale 6.56/2/2014Rate 3.073
Iron Hill Smoked Porter 6.35/25/2010Rate 3.44798
Iron Hill Sweet Stout 5.012/15/2005Rate 3.065
Iron Hill The Highlander (alias) -9/28/2014
Iron Hill Tripel (alias) 9.01/16/2014
Iron Hill Union Jack IPA 6.311/12/2011Rate 3.013
Iron Hill Vienna Red Lager 4.46/22/2001Rate 3.1288122
Iron Hill Watermelon Wit 4.69/18/2019Rate 31
Iron Hill Wee Heavy 9.66/22/2001Rate 3.6191109
Iron Hill White Clay IPA 6.28/11/2011Rate 3.156
Iron Hill Witberry 4.69/18/2019Rate 2.941
Iron Hill Xtra Stout 7.28/30/2010Rate 3.286

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