Left Coast Ale Epeteios Imperial Stout 9.510/20/2010Rate 3.64954887
Left Coast Almond Cream 4.511/26/2015Rate 2.693
Left Coast Asylum Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels 128/18/2015Rate 3.32
Left Coast Asylum Belgian-Style Tripel Ale 11.81/29/2009Rate 3.286551271
Left Coast Baltic Porter 7.04/27/2013Rate 3.024
Left Coast Bandwagon Berliner Weisse (retired) 3.09/20/2012Rate 2.95412016
Left Coast Barrel Aged Asylum Tripel 121/31/2009Rate 3.014
Left Coast Barrel Aged Asylum Triple Infused with Coffee Beans 127/28/2015Rate 3.333
Left Coast Barrel Aged Get in My Belly 13.17/28/2015Rate 3.32
Left Coast Barrel Aged Scottish Ale 5.54/30/2015Rate 3.023
Left Coast Barrel Aged Voo Doo Cocoa & Mint Stout 8.04/16/2016Rate 3.232
Left Coast Big Office 8.05/29/2013Rate 3.28664211
Left Coast Blitzen Belgian Ale 8.22/25/2006Rate 3.082
Left Coast Boardwalk Saison Ale 7.86/25/2011Rate 3.2633346
Left Coast Bourbon and Rye Barrel Aged Voo Doo Stout 1110/4/2013Rate 3.65
Left Coast Coral Reef 10.811/23/2013Rate 2.962
Left Coast Del Mar St. Export Lager 5.611/24/2013Rate 3.05418926
Left Coast Dirty Old Man 1111/23/2013Rate 2.71
Left Coast Epeteios Aged in Bourbon & Rye Whiskey Barrels 105/13/2015Rate 3.253
Left Coast Epeteios Aged in Pinot Noir Barrels 9.53/26/2014Rate 2.881
Left Coast Gold 4.59/28/2004Rate 2.698
Left Coast Hefeweizen (retired) 5.29/18/2004Rate 33
Left Coast Hop Juice 9.76/6/2004Rate 3.679682817
Left Coast Hoppin Fresh 6.010/15/2004Rate 3.25714312
Left Coast IPA (alias) 6.99/28/2004
Left Coast Nuclear Chi Chi’s 4.84/1/2016Rate 3.041
Left Coast Pale Ale (retired) 4.89/28/2004Rate 2.771
Left Coast Perfect Day India Pale Lager 7.24/1/2015Rate 3.273
Left Coast Pink Bikini 5.04/27/2013Rate 3.164
Left Coast Port Barrel Aged Voo Doo 10.24/27/2013Rate 3.325
Left Coast Pumpkin -2/21/2010Rate 2.884
Left Coast Red Tide 7.13/17/2013Rate 3.33739118
Left Coast Resurrection Belgian Golden Ale 8.010/11/2009Rate 3.12553219
Left Coast Special K 6.14/27/2013Rate 2.862
Left Coast Super Juice Triple IPA 10.95/29/2014Rate 3.357
Left Coast Supernova Galaxy IPA 6.53/29/2016Rate 3.131
Left Coast The Wedge 7.211/29/2010Rate 3.57937880
Left Coast Thorton Melon Pale Ale 5.67/16/2015Rate 3.091
Left Coast Tommy 4.18/1/2013Rate 2.913
Left Coast Trestles IPA 6.81/22/2011Rate 3.599390345
Left Coast Tripel Resolution 9.63/1/2007Rate 2.971
Left Coast Una Mas 5.88/16/2004Rate 3.05418693
Left Coast Voo Doo American Stout 8.51/4/2011Rate 3.689656393
Left Coast Zombified 6.44/27/2013Rate 2.872
Oggis Schwarzbier German Black Bier (retired) -4/3/2006Rate 3.071
Pizza Port / Artifex / Left Coast South County IPA 7.09/4/2015Rate 3.4484699
Oggis 1701 Tricentennial Barleywine (retired) 10.33/3/2002Rate 3.92978325
Oggis 4.4-40 IPA (retired) -12/26/2009Rate 3.023
Oggis Achilles 2 IPA (retired) -3/16/2008Rate 2.931
Oggis American IPA 8.06/9/2013Rate 2.912
Oggis Anonymous IPA (retired) 8.54/9/2010Rate 2.962
Oggis Ballistic Belgian Gold (retired) 8.55/5/2011Rate 2.861
Oggis Barrel Aged McGarveys Scottish Ale -8/29/2014Rate 3.27658611
Oggis Barrel Aged Torrey Pines -3/2/2015Rate 3.352
Oggis Beat Em Down Brown (retired) 5.57/11/2004Rate 3.151
Oggis Belgian Pale (retired) 5.06/3/2003Rate 3.083
Oggis Big Guy Double IPA (retired) 8.312/7/2002Rate 3.3772812
Oggis Big Tease Baltic Porter (retired) -3/10/2010Rate 2.982
Oggis Black Jack (retired) -11/1/2009Rate 2.841
Oggis Black Magic (Whiskey Barrel) (alias) 7.06/19/2014
Oggis Black Magic Stout 6.74/12/2002Rate 3.559276282
Oggis Black Mountain Pale Ale (retired) -7/29/2002Rate 2.771
Oggis Bourbon Barrel Stout 8.13/31/2007Rate 3.3551399
Oggis Breakfast Brew (retired) -6/19/2006Rate 3.022
Oggis Brown (retired) -2/10/2007Rate 3.111
Oggis Bumble Bee Double Honey Ale (retired) -4/4/2008Rate 2.811
Oggis Caber Toss (retired) 9.65/29/2004Rate 3.39866720
Oggis Cabron de Mayo (retired) 6.55/23/2005Rate 2.661
Oggis California Gold Blonde Ale 4.59/5/2002Rate 2.61418116
Oggis Cascade Harvest (retired) 5.211/8/2005Rate 3.032
Oggis Cinnabar (retired) -3/19/2004Rate 3.156
Oggis Colossus Strong Ale (retired) 15.112/6/2002Rate 3.34824133
Oggis Dark Helmut (retired) 5.84/24/2008Rate 2.82
Oggis Dark Invader Ale (retired) 10.212/4/2005Rate 3.25703010
Oggis Delirious Persimmons (retired) 9.03/24/2011Rate 2.922
Oggis Diablo (retired) 8.69/3/2005Rate 3.34785424
Oggis Ding Ding Double IPA (retired) 10.512/8/2003Rate 3.86977837
Oggis Dirt Bag ‪Brown IPA 7.759/1/2014Rate 2.911
Oggis Dizzy Dunkelweizen (retired) 6.24/15/2006Rate 2.962
Oggis Double Red Rye (retired) 8.312/26/2009Rate 3.114
Oggis Double Up Double IPA 8.53/24/2013Rate 3.34763016
Oggis Duck Dive Hefe 6.012/17/2007Rate 2.69181530
Oggis Easy ESB (retired) -7/2/2005Rate 3.18
Oggis El-Hefe Hefe-Weizen 5.25/11/2003Rate 2.94385814
Oggis English Mild (retired) -5/23/2005Rate 2.841
Oggis Extra Pale Ale (retired) -7/2/2005Rate 2.612
Oggis Fall Fest (retired) 4.511/21/2006Rate 2.771
Oggis Freakin Awesome (retired) -4/3/2009Rate 34
Oggis Good Time Barley Wine (retired) 10.212/10/2003Rate 3.45895211
Oggis Grand Marnier Stout (retired) 8.011/5/2007Rate 31
Oggis Grasshopper (retired) -5/4/2009Rate 2.871
Oggis Harry Porter (retired) 5.31/10/2005Rate 2.982
Oggis Harvest Gold (retired) 6.711/4/2006Rate 3.111
Oggis HoliDazed Ale (retired) 8.211/26/2005Rate 2.82
Oggis Hop Fix (retired) -11/1/2009Rate 2.871
Oggis Hop Juice Double IPA (alias) 9.411/8/2014
Oggis Hop Whompus (retired) 9.010/9/2004Rate 4.0710010066
Oggis Hopaholic (retired) 102/17/2010Rate 3.032
Oggis Hoppin Fresh (alias) (retired) 6.011/12/2004
Oggis Hoppy Holiday Lager (retired) 8.51/2/2007Rate 2.894
Oggis Iced Hop Juice (retired) 121/7/2005Rate 3.3482349
Oggis Imperial Madness 9.24/19/2014Rate 0
Oggis Imperial Pils -7/11/2009Rate 2.842
Oggis Imperial Starship Double IPA (retired) 9.212/19/2011Rate 2.711
Oggis India Pale Lager (retired) 10.412/7/2008Rate 3.132
Oggis Indian Summer American Octoberfest (retired) 6.510/16/2004Rate 2.892
Oggis IP-271 (retired) 8.31/20/2004Rate 3.5193569
Oggis IPA 101 (retired) 10.13/31/2007Rate 3.3482349
Oggis Iron Hill Tripel (retired) 8.54/19/2004Rate 3.088
Oggis Just do Wit (retired) -7/30/2006Rate 2.932
Oggis La Nina Brown (retired) -9/10/2002Rate 2.612
Oggis Light Lager 4.97/27/2009Rate 2.68239710
Oggis March Madness (retired) 6.23/21/2008Rate 3.034
Oggis McGarveys Scottish Ale 5.07/1/2000Rate 3.134750139
Oggis McGoofys Ale (retired) -5/23/2008Rate 3.031
Oggis Mighty Lite (retired) -4/3/2006Rate 2.598
Oggis Mission Style Ale (retired) -7/7/2003Rate 3.165
Oggis Nit Wit (retired) 6.08/2/2009Rate 2.811
Oggis Nobility (retired) 1011/30/2008Rate 3.151
Oggis Notsoberfest 7.52/17/2010Rate 2.871
Oggis Off With Her’ed (retired) 8.012/12/2010Rate 2.892
Oggis Ordog Belgian Triple (retired) 9.612/2/2007Rate 3.034
Oggis Padre Porter (retired) -3/31/2007Rate 2.621
Oggis Paradise Pale Ale 4.87/1/2000Rate 3.04422991
Oggis Point Loma Pils (retired) 5.510/10/2004Rate 3.015
Oggis Presidio Extra IPA 8.69/9/2014Rate 2.931
Oggis Rail Slide Red (retired) -9/11/2007Rate 31
Oggis Rancho Red (retired) -7/1/2000Rate 3.016
Oggis Raspberry Ale (retired) -3/3/2006Rate 2.811
Oggis Raspberry Wheat (retired) -3/9/2010Rate 2.731
Oggis Red IPA (retired) 6.55/15/2011Rate 2.841
Oggis Redrum (retired) -3/19/2009Rate 3.071
Oggis Sanctuary (retired) 8.55/9/2005Rate 3.29744815
Oggis Session IPA 5.04/17/2013Rate 2.861
Oggis Shock and Awe (retired) 1012/27/2004Rate 3.37846711
Oggis St. Diego Trappist (retired) 7.012/26/2009Rate 2.952
Oggis Stinger (retired) 9.310/21/2004Rate 3.46904915
Oggis Sunrise (retired) -11/29/2004Rate 2.422
Oggis Sunset Amber Ale 5.48/28/2002Rate 3.13476487
Oggis Sweet Spot Hefe (retired) 5.53/6/2004Rate 3.14628635
Oggis Tanline (retired) -2/16/2005Rate 2.892
Oggis The Schwartz Belgian IPA (retired) 6.57/25/2010Rate 2.931
Oggis Thirst Quencher Ale (retired) 6.04/15/2006Rate 3.132
Oggis Torrey Pines IPA 6.86/9/2001Rate 3.398261238
Oggis Torrey Pines IPA - American Oak 6.812/18/2014Rate 0
Oggis Tri-Centennial Old Ale (alias) -3/3/2002
Oggis Triple Belgian (retired) 8.16/13/2005Rate 3.084
Oggis Triple Play (retired) -3/3/2006Rate 3.066
Oggis Warrior Harvest Ale (retired) 6.010/24/2007Rate 3.044
Oggis White Rose Wit (retired) -9/28/2002Rate 3.071
Oggis Wicked Wheat (retired) -7/19/2008Rate 2.921
Oggis Witch Doctor (retired) 9.21/10/2005Rate 3.9310094142
.Associated place: Left Coast Brewing.
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